Jaar: 2008

Now 48 Days From Take-Off

It’s 1 day to the opening date and some of the guardians came to the orientation day that we organized.Fourteen children came with their guardians and tried on their new school-uniform. You should have seen their faces when they saw

Water… LOTS of water-The New Bore-Hole Receives It’s Electric Pump!

Today (10-Nov-07) we have fitted our 9000 Liter/hour pump in the bore-hole. The villagers looked in amazement how all this water could come out of this small hole. Now they don’t have to climb the steep hill anymore to lift

Tree-Planting Exercise

In preparation for the expected rain-season or wet season as some people prefer to call it, we have planted 100 traditional African trees.This is not a simple task when you have 25 acres of land, or should I call it

Freerk Visserman Helps Out

Here in Uganda we call him Fred as his dutch name is rather difficult to get your tongue around when you are an English speaking African.He is here for about two months and he has been helping with all kinds

Muehlrad group gives a Hand

The dormitories are taking shape! From 14 August till 5 September 2007, the Muehlrad team from Eselsburg in Germany (near Ulm) is helping to put up the first dormitory of the school in Osia. For more,Click Here

Another German paint team

Jakobus, Steffen and Traudel have come for a short visit to Osia and decided to help a little with painting some more children’s bedrooms. Jakobus, Steffen and Traudel have come for a short visit to Osia and decided to help

Rein De Braal once again in Uganda

Rien is back to Uganda, this time to fix the tiles in the bathroom of the children. Like most years, he offers his time in the summer holidays to do some practical volunteering in Uganda. This is the 8th year

Tree planting by our donor

Matthias Weigele plants a palm-tree near the entrance of the Educational Children’s Village Today, Matthias Weigele and his wife-to-be planted a tree at the entrance of our new Educational Children’s Village. Something to remember his presence here right at the

Electricity Connection

Today, the electricity company has placed the high voltage (33KV) transformer. Even though we do not have it connected yet, it is very promising. The final connection will be done after the new-installations-engineer has done the final inspection and given

The First Brick On The Dormitories

Together with the Dutch Go-Team, Cor & Grace placed the first foundation stone for the dormitories of Kimbilio in Osia, Tororo It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to pray with the Dutch Go-Team over the use and future,