Maand: juli 2008

The Go-Team helps plant the first tree

The soil in Osia is rather difficult for planting a tree but with sweat and blisters we managed to plant a mango tree at the entrance of the mission. Since the Go-Team was the first team to be on site

Project Progress-Latest Aerial Photo

Here is the latest aerial(airphoto), taken from the Osia Hills See here the airphoto of the Osia project For more,Click Here

First foundation being dug

The Dutch Go-Team is helping to make the start! Today, the Dutch Go-Team has helped to get a start on the digging of the foundation for the first dormitory. The work is hard for the girls who are not used

Painting of bedrooms Starts

Bettina, Janine and Giuseppe have come from Germany to help in Osia. The bedrooms are now so far ready that they can be painted with the first two coats of wall paint. For more, Click Here