Jaar: 2010

Letter From A Child

A letter from the heart of Ronald Wandera, one of the children, to Cor & Grace Koelewijn.When you know the background of the child then you understand what it means. This child was almost cheated out of his place in

Week 49-Walls OF Classes Coming Up

This week the builders are pulling up the walls of the classes.   It is a great feeling when standing in this unfinished classroom and sense the nice space and the wall 2 wall windows. Soon we will put the

Dutch Chairman Visits The Project

This week our Dutch Chairman; Marrianne Zeldenrust paid a visit to our project in Tororo. Together we were able to discuss the plans for the coming year, and look at the route that we believe the Lord is laying out

Wk44-2010 Of The Project

The work continues bit-by-bit as we struggle to keep up with the builders. Most of the waiting is on the 2 tipping-trucks that are hauling all the rocks to fill the rest of the foundation. By now there are about

The Work On The 1st Classroom Block Progresses Nicely-Week 42

Project progress Wk42-2010 Today you can see the strong boys from the neighborhood through the heavy stones in to the foundation. The builders are eagerly waiting for them to finish because they want to start on the concrete slap. Most

The Work On The School-Block Continues-Week 41

This week the builders have gone far with the building of the foundation walls. It is being plastered and the columns are filled with concrete to prepare the filling of those walls with rock. You can see more pictures on

Beginning Of Our Library

Grace is preparing the donated library books The school is still young but it is already given a library. The start is there, the first books are entered. For the beginning the library is only the size of a cupboard

New Sport-Shoes

Happy faces for new shoes! Today the children received new sports shoes. This was a donation from Exhausia ministries in the USA. Needless to mention that there was a party atmosphere today. On Facebook, you can see more pictures here:

School-Block Wk40-2010

The work on the School Block continues… After casting all the footing of the columns, the work continues on the walls of the foundation. In the meantime the driver is working marathon as the foundation needs 140 truckloads of rock

Casting The First Column For The School

On Saturday the 18th of September 2010 ,we had the pleasure of casting the first bit of the new school building after Prayer was offered by Children & Staff. First we asked the children what people usually do when they