Jaar: 2011

Tororo finally on Google Maps

After a long time google has updated Tororo on their maps and we can now be seen from satellite. Thank you google! Link: http://www.heart4children.org/en/about-us/where-we-are.htm For more,Click Here

Visitors Beryl Voorhoeve & Ilja Witte In Uganda

Beryl & Ilja have come from the LEG church in Aalsmeer (Netherlands) They are holding a ‘School of the Supernatural’ for the children of Osia For more,Click Here

2nd California Team 2011

This week (39) we have the second California team over. They have started painting the 1st Primary-School-Block on the outside. And what a difference it makes too! For more pictures on the subject and more on the project progress we

Volunteer Nadine Kugler

Nadine has joined us for the next 9 months to help us at our Osia Kimbilio Children’s Village.She will take up the task of starting up our development office. Nadine comes from Leutenbach, Germany. To keep informed about her ‘adventure’

Volunteers Geert & Charissa

Geert & Charissa have come from Meppel, The Netherlands to offer their services to the children of Osia They both have their experience in education and so we welcome their input as Teacher Trainers. For more,Click Here

Roseville Team

This week we have the Roseville team from California in Osia at work. And don’t underestimate the GIRL-POWER! Together they have done some serious painting. Thanks Kimberly, Anne-Marie, Babett & Stella! You left your footprints in Africa. For more, Click

Dutch LEG Team 2011

Walter, Dietger & Michael have come from the Dutch LEG church to create some sports fields in the children’s village.The intention is to make a football, basketball, volleyball and netball field.They will get some help from extra workers for the

Week 23-Working On The Face Of The School

Today, we are working on the face of the school.The veranda is receiving it’s floor and railing and at the same time we are doing some finishing work with the help of some volunteers and at the same time, roofing

Volunteer Wendy Stclair

Wendy was here last year with the team from Roseville California. Now she has decided to come back for a few weeks.Wendy is from Sacramento California and she has offered to do some photo journalism for us. She is writing

Week 17-Roofing

The roof structure is in place.Next job will be to put the tiles on. The builders are meanwhile working on the plastering of the outside walls and our own staff are painting the classrooms inside. We hope to have it