Jaar: 2012

California Team 2012

May I introduce to you: Karin, John, Nate, Mike, Patti, Bruce and Malissa. They have painted two boys rooms and set the challenge for us to try to make all the other rooms as good as those two…  Thank you

Piet & Rianne Zeldenrust On Dental Mission

Piet Zeldenrust who is a practicing dentist in Holland together with his student dentist daughter have come to Kimbilio Children’s Village to help many children with their dental problems. Link: http://www.heart4children.org/en/what-we-do/project-progress.htm For more information, Click Here

Block Two Of Primary Section Nearly Finished

Fredrick Kiissa is smiling because his building project is getting closer to the finish line. In one or two days he will cast the last bit of concrete slab and that will be the last of the structural work on

Latest Aerial Pic Of The Project Progression

The work goes on and this is what it looks like on Oct13, 2012 You can clearly see the project progress on the new school building as there is only one more classroom to be completed as far as the

Volunteers Have Come

This month we have been joined by (from left to right) Will Gayle, Magnus Bieneck, Christiane Carrle (from the USA, and from Germany:) respectively. Will is here till the end of the year and both Magnus and Christiane untill April

Week 37- More Buildings Coming Up

The work continues, just check on the Project-Progress Page   More on the PP page… Link: http://www.heart4children.org/en/what-we-do/project-progress.htm For more,Click Here

Week 34-Air Pics Of The Project With Fence

Airpics week 34 Today we climbed the Osia Rock again and made some new aerial pictures from our project.     You can see the fencing clearly and the round part of the new school-block. We thank God and our

Week 30-Structural Inspection

The work on the primary school building is being inspected by the Structural Engineer Tony Busisa while the foreman Kiissa Frederick explains all the work done so far.This week we will be casting the 1st rooms of the 2nd phase

Rien de Braal Passes Away

Today a dear brother of the Kimbilio Family has passed away. We will miss you Rien! 22 Jul 1961 — 23 Jun 2012 Rien has been coming to Uganda every year since the beginning of Heart4children. He has been helping

Week 7 Of Phase 2 Of The Primary School

The work on the school goes on very well…   The columns are being casted and give it one more week and we will have finished this. Then we move on to setting the hanging floor. There is still a