Maak kennis met Kai Martin, onze nieuwe Duitse vrijwilliger

Kai Martin is 25 jaar en werkt als vrijwilliger op het projekt. Hij is geboren in Bavaria in Duitsland en is landmeetkundige van beroep. Hij heeft  voor het eerst van Heart for children gehoord via dominee Jakobus Richter, de voorzitter  van de Duitse tak van Heart for Children. Hierdoor raakte hij geïnteresseerd in ons werk…

Staff Devotions on Monday Morning

Here is our Uncle Cor, teaching this Monday Morning on the topic ‘Own your workspace’. He is one of the Founding  Directors of Heart For Children-Uganda. Together with Grace Awori Koelewijn-Omalla, his wife, they started this initiative of setting aside 30 minutes before the week starts and teach some of the values and ideas that…

Embarking on Classroom Completion

This week, we  have  began to   move  a  journey of  faith to  complete  our  classroom structure. Our  building technical  staffs  are now very serious to see that soon this classroom structure is completed.  In fact, after  the  completion  of this structure, we  shall breath  a bit because it has been not easy due to…

Children For Term One Holiday

Both Kimbilio primary and High school children got their holiday on 5th/05/2017. The holiday is only for three weeks and they  will be back by 29th/05/2017. The children were very happy to go back and meet with relatives.   On this day, all the guardians are required to come officially and pick their children plus…

Inter-School Athletics Competition

Having finished inter-house athletics competition, our children were able to go for inter-school competition where by in other areas like 100metre race, they took the first position and as  you can see the one in red is our child from Kimbilio. All schools converged at UTRO primary school play ground and over 12 schools participated….

Children Athletics Competition

Kimbilio primary girls and boys having inter-house competition last Friday in preparation for zonal and District level competition due to take place on Thursday 13th this week. They competed in different areas which were; Relay(400 meters and 50 meters), 100 meters, 12 laps and also high jump. They divided up into four groups with different…

Kimbilio High School Study Tour

Senior one students, head teacher, some two Germany volunteers and uncle Jacob Doya all visited  Malaba water pump station for a geography study,which is at the border of Uganda and Kenya just around 15 kilometers away from Kimbilio children Village. At this water pump station, there is always an instructor/ technical team that avail the…

Project Progress 2015 Wk 29

Today we have finished two more classrooms (almost) on the 3rd school block of the primary school. The concrete work is done though the plastering plus windows and doors are yet to be worked on.

New School-Bus

The Dutch promoters have held a fund-raising barbecue and raised the funds for our new school-bus. It is a 29 seater Mitsubishi Rosa. We are now processing the paperwork for it. A very big thank you to the fund-raisers!

An Amazing Main Hall

The main Hall is almost finished and it looks just amazing In this picture the builders are still adding roof-tiles. They had to work hard so we could use it for the closure of the school-year. Thanks to all you people who contributed to this beautiful building!