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2014 Wk 37 Main-Hall Work

Work on the Main-Hall has been going on continuously. In this picture you can see the concrete floor casting going on. At the same time welders are working on the roof structure.

Work on last primary school block starts

The work on the 3rd and last block of the Primary-school has started. Thanks to the late Rien vd Braal who left part of the sale of his house to heart4children after he passed away. Rien will always be remembered

Aerial pictures by Frank Weigele

Frank & Lisa Weigele from Germany are visiting the Children’s Village and made some nice aerial pictures for us from the mountain. Here you can clearly see how the work on the main hall is progressing.

Closing The School-Year

Today we had all the guardians picking up the children, but first we share about all the good things the Lord has done this year. We are happy that for this day we had the presence of the Chairman of

Erna & Louis Pool

Erna & Louis from ‘hart voor kinderen’ and the Dutch agents for ‘Hour of Power’ have come to see the Kimbilio Children’s Village in Tororo We are very pleased with their visit as it is through them that we became

Jakobus & AnneRose Richter Visit Kimbilio

 Jakobus & Annerose are visiting us again and they were welcomed by our children! Whenever Jakobus comes, the children are always all over him. Jakobus is the chairman for the German support organization Heart For Children Deutchland.

Dec 2013 Aerial View

This week some visitors climbed the Osia mountain again and made this very nice picture of the work that is going on. You can clearly see the work on the main hall is getting well on the way. Give it

Patricia And Tabea Organize The Library

Patricia & Tabea have joined the Kimbilio Family for the 3rd term They have come to help organize the library, recording all the books in the database and labeling them per category. They also made a part of the school

Aerial View Of Project-Week 29

The roof on the 2nd block is now clearly finished. Behind that we are working on the main-hall. For more Project Progress Click Here.

Luuk & Annelieke

Luuk (Cor’s nephew) & Annelieke came to visit the project. Not just to see, but also to leave their footsteps. Luuk & Anneliek have helped in the painting of the Reception office at the gate. For more information, Click here