New School-Bus

The Dutch promoters have held a fund-raising barbecue and raised the funds for our new school-bus. It is a 29 seater Mitsubishi Rosa. We are now processing the paperwork for it. A very big thank you to the fund-raisers!

Closing The School-Year

Today we had all the guardians picking up the children, but first we share about all the good things the Lord has done this year. We are happy that for this day we had the presence of the Chairman of both our Donor Countries, Germany and Holland. This also marked the first use of our…

326 New Reading Books Received

Today the children received a 100Kg box full of reading books. Command Tooling Systems ( in Ramsey, Minnesota through their staff members has mobilized 326 reading books for children in the lower primary school age,something so normal for children in the west, yet something so special for children in Africa.Often we wonder how it is…

Tororo finally on Google Maps

After a long time google has updated Tororo on their maps and we can now be seen from satellite. Thank you google! Link: For more,Click Here

Uganda Votes

Uganda has voted and president Museveni may stay in his seat as president of the Republic of Uganda We thank you for praying for us in the season. Link: For more,Click Here

Bomb Blasts In Kampala

On Sunday, 11 July 2010, two bombs went off simultaneously in Kampala,killing at least 75 people. During the video viewing at two very busy places(Ethiopian village and Kyadondo Rugby Pitch) where people were watching the finals of the world-cup football, suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing 60 people instantly and causing many more to be…

Child Labor Facts In Uganda

Statistics according to the Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Affairs Please follow THIS LINK: for the full article Link: For more, Click Here

Working On The Children’s Lions-Park In Tororo

The visiting team from ICM(International Christian Ministries) Canada has helped to face lift the park where the children of Tororo can now play again! It has been a wonderful experience to see Tororo been put “right-side-up” and the park been restored to it’s former glory. Children are now once again able to enjoy the park….


Football tournament in Germany for Heart for Children EWS – football tournament on June 23 2007 the 1st EWS-football tournament We do expect 17 football teams in the Uhinger stadium. Followed by an evening program in the headquarter of EWS. It will be a benefit happening for “Heart for Children”. For more, Click Here