Maak kennis met de nieuwe leerkrachten van 2017

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Even voorstellen, nieuwe kinderen van 2017

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Zoals elk jaar hebben we ook dit jaar weer 25 nieuwe kinderen die graag gesponsort willen worden. Bijna alle kinderen bij Kimbilio zijn weeskinderen en wij proberen ze te voorzien van alle middelen die ze nodig hebben om te komen

Kimbilio High School Study Tour

Senior one students, head teacher, some two Germany volunteers and uncle Jacob Doya all visited  Malaba water pump station for a geography study,which is at the border of Uganda and Kenya just around 15 kilometers away from Kimbilio children Village.

Project Progress 2015 Wk 29

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Today we have finished two more classrooms (almost) on the 3rd school block of the primary school. The concrete work is done though the plastering plus windows and doors are yet to be worked on.

New School-Bus

The Dutch promoters have held a fund-raising barbecue and raised the funds for our new school-bus. It is a 29 seater Mitsubishi Rosa. We are now processing the paperwork for it. A very big thank you to the fund-raisers!

An Amazing Main Hall

The main Hall is almost finished and it looks just amazing In this picture the builders are still adding roof-tiles. They had to work hard so we could use it for the closure of the school-year. Thanks to all you

2014 Wk 37 Main-Hall Work

Work on the Main-Hall has been going on continuously. In this picture you can see the concrete floor casting going on. At the same time welders are working on the roof structure.

Work on last primary school block starts

The work on the 3rd and last block of the Primary-school has started. Thanks to the late Rien vd Braal who left part of the sale of his house to heart4children after he passed away. Rien will always be remembered

Aerial pictures by Frank Weigele

Frank & Lisa Weigele from Germany are visiting the Children’s Village and made some nice aerial pictures for us from the mountain. Here you can clearly see how the work on the main hall is progressing.

Closing The School-Year

Today we had all the guardians picking up the children, but first we share about all the good things the Lord has done this year. We are happy that for this day we had the presence of the Chairman of