Project Implementation Progress 2010

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18th November, 2010                       Week 47


The work on the 1st school-block continues…


On the right you can meet our new member of stff: Fred, he takes care of the compound.

16th November, 2010

Marrianne Zeldenrust came for a work visit to see how the project is growing and discuss the plans for 2011


20101116-PP-Marrianne-SiteVisit-2.JPG  20101116-PP-Marrianne-SiteVisit-3.JPG












Below is the site where the visitors will get their rooms so this next visiting season they will be staying in the children’s village.



20101116-PP-Marrianne-SiteVisit-8.JPG  20101116-PP-Marrianne-SiteVisit-9.JPG

29th October, 2010

101029-BindingTheBarsInPlace.JPG 101029-KnittingTheBarsTogether.JPG

The builders are going on with the contrete bars for the columns while waiting for the drivers to fill the rest of the foundation with rocks.

101029-ProjProgr-ConcreteSlap.JPG 101029-TheLorryIsBusy.JPG


In the meantime the workers are roofing the workshop. Something we should have done right at the beginning of the project but by then we just didn’t have the funds.

Soon the boys can work in the shade because working in the Tororo sun is rather HOT!..


16th October, 2010


Wk42, Building site in Osia

101016-PP-overview.JPG 101016-PP-boysFillingFoundation.JPG

The throwing in of the rock is very hard work but the boys of the neighborhood are really good at it. They usually make their living from loading lorries. Down you can see the boys casting a concrete beam on the foundation. If you look carefully you can see the metal workers at work on the roof of the workshop (after some years of burning in the sunshine they are finally tired of it I guess)

101016-PP-MixingConcrete.JPG 101016-PP-ConcreteCasting.JPG

7th October, 2010



Wk 41 – 2010: the work on the 1st classroom block continues.

Some of the walls of the foundation are up and soon we will start filling the foundation with those rocks that you can see piled up in front of the building. All this by hand…

Below you can see Riend de braal helping with some plumbing work. Some pipes have to be removed before we can start piling rocks in the foundation.

101007-PP-Rien-helps-remove-waterpipe.JPG 101007-PP-Inside-foundation.JPG

27th September, 2010


All column-footings are casted, the work is now focussed on the walls of the foundation. In the meantime the driver has to transport 140 truckloads of rock to fill the space up to the groundfloor of the first block.

18th September, 2010

100918-ProjProg-IMG_4682-LayingSchoolFoundation.JPG 100918-ProjProg-IMG_4695-LayingSchoolFoundation.JPG 100918-ProjProg-IMG_4699-LayingSchoolFoundation.JPG

100918-ProjProg-IMG_4687-LayingSchoolFoundation.JPGToday, we had the pleasure of coming together with the complete team, the builders, children, staff and leaders of KIMBILO Children’s Village – Osia and not only witness, but also contribute to the casting of the first column of the classroom block for the primary school.

We asked the children: “what do the people who don’t know Jesus do on a moment like this?..” They all answered quickly that they kill a child to put under the foundation!! And indeed, that is what many people do who put their trust in the witchdoctor rather than the Living God.

We prayed, sang and were happy that we know that these children will be protected and will end up being a student in this very building.100918-ProjProg-IMG_4700-LayingSchoolFoundationBIG.JPG