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Letter From A Child

A letter from the heart of Ronald Wandera, one of the children, to Cor & Grace Koelewijn.When you know the background of the child then you understand what it means. This child was almost cheated out of his place in

New Sport-Shoes

Happy faces for new shoes! Today the children received new sports shoes. This was a donation from Exhausia ministries in the USA. Needless to mention that there was a party atmosphere today. On Facebook, you can see more pictures here:

Looking For 24 New children for 2010 P.1 class

Yes, each year we are looking for a whole new class full of 24 children for our Primary One Class. This year Grace has started early… This year we have already got most of the children lined up. What is

Your Gift Has Transformed 20 Lives In 12 Weeks

THANK YOU, because your monthly gifts has made this possible!! It is only 3 months but look what has happened in that short time. We started out with the official opening of the children’s village in the first week. Just

One big happy (hungry) family

This is what our dinner time looks like… Feeding 20 children may seem like a simple thing to do. But when this food has to be bought every day of the week and these young children are active like they